MDCP Inventory Solution

MDCP Inventory Solution

The MDCP Inventory Solution provides certified dealer websites with enhanced inventory data and in transit inventory automatically. The inventory solution is powered by a robust inventory system that aggregates inventory information from MazdaUSA, Dealer Websites and Third Parties, then creates a comprehensive master set of inventory data. All Mazda Digital Certified Program (MDCP) Website Providers are integrated with the inventory system to enable your dealership website with the most updated and accurate inventory information in a turnkey.

In Transit Inventory Preferences

The MDCP Inventory solution will support feeding in transit inventory to dealer websites in a turnkey manner. All dealer websites will be updated to automatically display in transit inventory that is 60+ days out, unless you indicate otherwise.

All MDCP Website Providers support the ability for dealers to choose if you want to display in transit inventory that is 30-days, 45-days, or 60+ days out from delivery. As mentioned above, the default setting is to showcase in transit inventory that is 60+ days out, however if you would like to limit your in transit inventory to only units that are 30- or 45-days out, please complete the form below.

Additionally, if you would like to opt-out of in transit inventory being displayed on your website, please complete the form below and check the opt out box.

Please note: Mazda dealers are not required to display in transit inventory on their Mazda dealer website. However, if you do wish to showcase your in transit inventory, it is required to be supported through the MDCP Inventory Solution.